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Bob Duke


Bob Duke became the pastor of DCC in 2011.  He has served in Christian ministry since 1976.  Bob spent 36 years in the mission field of education.  He felt that he needed to keep a Christian influence in public education.  During this time he filled in for churches that were between ministers or for ministers who went on vacation.

He is a combat veteran having served in Viet Nam with the U.S. Army. "God saw me through combat fire fights so I wanted to live for Him."

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Communication and Psychology from Indiana University; a Master's degree in Language arts; and a Specialist's degree in School Administration.

After retiring as assistant superintendent from Indian Creek School Corporation in Johnson County, he became DCC's pastor.  He retired from DCC in 2022.  After a year and an half of filling in for other area churches, Bob has returned to DCC.

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