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Sermon in a Sack

Hey kids, Let’s have a virtual “Sermon in the Sack” for a few weeks. I’ll pretend you are all on the front pew with your objects. I just made up these objects for this issue, but if you want to try to stump me with an object, e-mail, text, call me, or send a pix. I’ll try to figure out a short sermon for you and your object.

Let’s pretend Waylin sent me a pair of binoculars. Well, Waylin, binoculars are designed for us to look into them and see up close things that are far away. God doesn’t need binoculars. He sees us all the time because He is always with us.

I got a virtual letter from Heleyna. We use a letter when we want to tell our friends something. Sometimes we text or e-mail them. We can do the same with God, only it is called prayer. We don’t have to wait for the Post Office to deliver our letter. Our prayers go directly and immediately to God.

Ainsley likes to cook, so she sent me a can opener. We open a can to get to something—usually food. We need what is inside the can to keep us alive and stay healthy. We need to be sure we get inside God’s Word (the Bible) every day to stay spiritually healthy.

Anastacia showed me a pretty necklace. Pretty girls like to wear pretty necklaces, don’t they Anastacia? They want to show others there is something special in their lives. Sometimes it is a locket with a person’s picture inside. Just think, maybe Jesus has a locket around His neck with our picture inside. We are special.

Bob’s Babblings

WOW! Coronavirus sure put a wrinkle in our spring programs. Though we will not meet as a congregation, we are still family with each other and part of God’s family. One of the saddest parts of this is that we will not be sharing together the resurrection of our Savior on Easter morning. But wherever we are, we know HE IS RISEN. Praise God.

As we are self-isolating, rest assured that I am praying for all of you daily. Please continue to pray for each other. Our church and concern for each other continues regardless of where we are. Please pray for the church leaders as we make difficult decisions. We must obey the laws of the land and we must keep our people as safe as possible.

I also want to encourage you to have your own “family church” each Sunday. What an opportunity this provides for closeness within the family. With that in mind, I am suggesting some devotions for the next few Sundays (see page 3 where I will have a bit more space).

Please also keep in mind that the expenses of the church continue—utilities must be paid, programs continue, mission commitments go on. I want to encourage you to continue with your tithes and offerings. I am enclosing a church envelope for your convenience in “setting aside” each week for the ministry of the church. We have sufficient funds for a few weeks, but without your regular offerings, we will be short before this virus is over. Please prayerfully read this scripture as you continue your offerings: I Cor. 16:2 On the first day of the week set aside offerings.

The church has left the building but is not closed.

Why Missions?

One part of our Faith Promise program is Carroll County Outreach. This is an outreach to local needs.

The County Food Pantry does an amazing service to the families in the area. Families may come once a month to receive basic items such as flour, sugar, soup, vegetables, juice and more.

Christmas Basket Project helps families at the Christmas season with a large box of food staples, toys, and winter clothing like hats and gloves.

Release Time Religious Education is a unique opportunity to relate Bible stories to 4th and 5th graders in our local school. The children are given the choice to attend the classes. They do not miss any required school classes. An excellent age to present God’s love.

Birth Right of Delphi reaches out to women struggling with a pregnancy or the care of young children. They are provided baby items, groceries, and medical appointment rides.

Gateway Mentoring Ministry is shepherded by John Chapman, former County Sheriff Deputy. This program is for Middle School age students to help them with homework, manners, social skills and their walk with the Lord.

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28 mar 2020

I see the church of my youth is continuing in the Ministry as usual. Blessings to Pastor Bob and Staff. May His Spirit descend on all there.

Me gusta

28 mar 2020

New and refreshing site world needs more of them

Me gusta
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